Repair Services Offered by GCD

GCD’s technical services department is composed of over 80 certified technicians who work in two shifts in order to get units out as fast as they come in.  Our technicians are certified to work on products made by predominant wireless and bar code manufacturers, in order to return equipment to “like-new” standards.  Equipment is repaired, cleaned and tested, then returned to customers using custom foam-in-place containers (to eliminate out-of-box failures).  GCD repairs AIDC equipment including scanners, mobile computers, pen-tablet computers, printers and more.

Flat Rate Repair

We offer an inexpensive flat rate repair cost for most handhelds. One low fixed price covers all repairs and also includes refurbishment of the unit. Turnaround time is generally 3-5 business days and you won’t believe our low flat rates. Contact us for pricing and information.

Time and Materials

For smaller / more basic repair jobs, flat rate pricing might not always be the best option. In these cases, we offer set quotes based on time and materials. Repair estimates are always free and our prices are highly competitive. Contact us for pricing and information.

Flat Rate Refurbishment

We also offer complete refurbishment of used equipment at flat rates. One low fixed price fee covers the complete refurbishment process. Turnaround time is generally 3-5 business days and you won’t believe our low flat rates. Contact us for pricing and information.

GCD Certified Repairs Include:

• Certified Technicians Capable of Repairing Best of Breed Manufactured Equipment • Batch and RF (Radio Frequency) Implementation • Extended Equipment Warranties • Sale of fully Refurbished Equipment • Break and Fix Service • Customized Service and Support Plans for Unique Customer Needs • Equipment Upgrades • Re-Engineering • Continuing in House Technical Certification Programs • Depot Express Contracts

Quality Control Process

  • Testing to confirm each unit is 100% fully functional to include all buttons/keypad keys, barcode scanner, touch-screen, backlight, processor, memory, wireless radios, data syncing, verification of system software, repairs as necessary, re-testing, factory reset/OS reload.
  • Inspection of exterior for damage or wear to include case, display window, lenses, keypad, buttons, battery compartment and cover, hand strap, I/O port, serial number labels, protective bumpers, cosmetic repairs as necessary, professional cleaning of unit.

Repair Service Request Form

Complete the form and we will reply with instructions for sending in your equipment for a free repair estimate.

  • For each unit needing repair please list: complete model number / serial number / problem experienced.